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Charlotte Has a Bed Bug Problem

Bed Bugs, nobody likes bed bugs. Unfortunately, reports indicate that Charlotte is one of the leading cities for bed bug infestation. This is one top twenty list that Charlotte does not want to make, but does.

You may have bed bugs if unexplained itchy welts appear on your body. However, bed bugs are expert at hiding. They come out at night when the sense that a meal is nearby. The meal is a human or other warm blooded animal. Consequently, your dog and cats can also be afflicted with bed bugs.

Ridding your house of bed bugs involves more than spraying. A bed bug inspector will examine your house for areas where bed bugs can be hiding. For example, if you recently took a trip and stayed in a hotel your suit case may be a vehicle that brought bed bugs back to your house. Many people store their suitcase in the closet. From that point the bed bugs may spread to your clothes, towels, bed linens are other items stored in the closet.

Get Help with Your Bed Bug Infestation

Often people are ashamed to admit they have bed bugs. The old myth that bed bugs only infest dirty hotels and houses is just not true. A bed bug inspector will come to your home to help identify the problem and find a solution. The inspectors from City Wide Exterminating are professionals, they have a job to do, which is to help you rid your house of pests. Their job is about helping, not judging.

A bed bug inspector will examine the house to find possible hiding places for bed bugs. Then a plan of action will be put into place to eliminate bed bugs from your residence.

Bed bugs are in Charlotte. Having bed bugs does not mean your home is dirty, it only means that you have bed bugs. A bed bug inspector will check your house for signs of bed bugs and determine a plan of action to rid your house from the pest. The professionals at City Wide Exterminating are here to help you, do not be embarrassed to call about your bed bug problem.

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