Bed Bug Treatment Cost Average

Bed Bug Treatment Cost Average

If you have recently learned that bed bugs are residing in your mattress, then most likely the next thing you’ll think of is ‘how much is the bed bug treatment cost average?’

Much like plenty of other questions similar to this one, the answer is always ‘it depends’. We can take a deeper look into this question, and take a look at the most common treatments for bed bugs. Then we will talk about the average cost.

There are usually two choices when you want to treat your business or house for bed bugs:

  • Talk to a professional bed bug exterminator, preferably one who is highly experienced when it comes to handling bed bugs.
  • Use a do-it-yourself option.

Both methods are effective to some extent – However, there are possible cost advantages when you utilize a bed bug treatment strategy by yourself.

How Much is a Bed Bug Treatment Cost Average?

There are plenty of exterminator sites found across the US. A lot of them can be found in large cities, but only a handful in smaller towns or rural areas. Here are a few things people have learned when comparing two bed bug extermination centers from two different cities.

  • Treatments found in bigger cities do cost more cash. The reason? A big city always equals to higher demand from clients.
  • Treatments found in smaller cities are less pricey – However, exterminators don’t have plenty of experience because of low reports of bed bugs in mattresses.
  • Plenty of exterminators are quite hesitant to provide you with a final quote until the process is done. But if you ask them, they will give you a rough estimate of the cost average before starting the process.

On average, a bed bug treatment can go up to $1.00 per square foot. So if you have a house that measures 2000 square feet, one treatment costs around $1500 or over $2000. That’s only for the first treatment. Depending on the size of the infestation, you could have at least 2 or 3 (or more) treatments. So in the end, you could pay up to $6000.

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