Bed Bug Treatment Price

Bed Bug Treatment Price Estimate

Bed bug treatment price differs from one another due to many factors. There are numerous bed bug treatment options that are now available in the market. Some of these options can be utilized through some DIY application. However, there are numerous treatment options that are better left to a professional pest exterminator.

The bed bug treatment price usually offered by a professional exterminator is based on the details that they have collected after evaluating your property. Pest control companies are aware that there are different levels of infestation and that each case is different from the other, so in order to ensure that their customers get an accurate idea about the cost of their service before they even go into specifics, pest control companies do preliminary evaluation.

During the evaluation, certain factors are observed and confirmed in order to create cost service estimate. The cost service estimate contains the treatment price, the duration of the treatment and other additional services that will be provided by the pest company during the treatment process. To give you some idea regarding the factors that affect the evaluation of your treatment price, see the details below;

Factors that Affect Bed Bug Treatment Price 

  • Size of the location or the infested area. The size of the infested area determines the amount of product needed during the treatment and the number of hours or number of applications necessary to cover the entire infested area.


  • The number of furniture affected by the bed bugs. The more furniture there is in the infected area the more work needs to be done. A professional exterminator includes this type of detail in the bed bug treatment price. This is because all these furnitures will have to be treated too in order to ensure that all the bed bugs are exterminated in the area.


  • The type of treatment that needs to be utilized. The type of bed bug treatment determines the requirements in terms of level of expertise of the exterminator and the cost of the product necessary in order to treat the infestation.

These are some of the details that are weighed and determined by the pest control company during evaluation. Once the evaluation of these factors is complete the pest control company can finally provide you with the bed bug treatment price estimate.