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City Wide Exterminating, The Best

The best termite control in Charlotte and the surrounding area is provided by City Wide Exterminating. A fair question is what makes City Wide Exterminating the best termite control in Charlotte. Every company starts with the people and their experience and dedication to doing an excellent job.

City Wide Exterminating is a family company that was founded in the year 2000 by Robert Hunnicutt. Mr. Hunnicutt is the owner and president of the company. He has been a licensed pest control operator since 1990. He has extensive experience in pest control and is dedicated to providing efficient, effective and safe pest control. Safe means not only are the occupants of the house safe, but the process is completed in an environmentally sound manner.

Experience and Training

Dylan Morrison is an Associate Certified Entomologist. In plain language, an entomologist is someone who knows a lot about bugs. This, of course, is a useful bit of knowledge when your job is to eliminate pests, including bugs and insects from people’s homes? Dylan has been with City Wide since 2003.

The lead mosquito and termite technician is Jeremy. He is a Registered Technician in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Other equally dedicated and trained staff work at City Wide Exterminating. Every person at City Wide is part of the team that delivers the best termite control service possible. This same sense of purpose extends to every phase of pest control service provided by City Wide Exterminating.


What makes City Wide Exterminating the best termite control service is the training, expertise, and dedication that our City-Wide staff has. The years of experience, certifications, and training are objective qualities that City Wide staff has achieved. However, there is one more ingredient that is more important, but is harder to demonstrate on paper. We care about our clients. We know the products that we use can enhance the well-being of the people we serve. Therefore, we are dedicated to delivering safe, effective, and affordable pest control services.

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