Charlotte Bed Bug Removal

Pesky Bed Bugs

Bed bugs, the most tolerant among us would probably agree the only good bed bug is a dead bed bug. They bite, suck blood, and cause an insane itch. To add insult to injury they soil your mattress and other items where they hide. Yep, unless you are another bed bug, there does not appear to be an upside to bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Hide

Such a despised creature must develop a sharp instinct at hiding to survive and bed bugs have developed just such a talent. They hide in mattresses and other objects. They emerge when heat is present. Heat means a warm-blooded animal is present and that means dinner time for bed bugs.

Pesticides are Dangerous When Used Improperly

Destroying such annoying creatures that stay hidden requires a pro. The job needs to be done efficiently and safely. Ironically, bed bugs are not believed to carry diseases, but fatalities have occurred when untrained people used the wrong type and wrong concentration of pesticides to eliminate bed bugs from their homes.

Bedbug removal requires the proper use of pesticides. The professionals at City Wide Exterminating are trained and certified. You can be sure the right treatment will be applied in your home. Moreover, bedbug removal requires that all the bugs and their eggs are killed. City Wide has the tools, chemicals, and experience to kill the bed bugs and their eggs. They also know the places bed bugs like to hide.

When City Wide Exterminating does a job, they do it right. The people responsible for bedbug removal must be determined to kill the bed bugs as the bed bugs are determined to hide and feed. City Wide has extensive knowledge of bed bugs and takes pride in bedbug removal.

If you have a bed bug problem, call City Wide Exterminating. Get your revenge on those bugs that made your life miserable. City Wide agrees with you; the only good bed bug is a dead bed bug.

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