Charlotte Rodent Control

Charlotte Rodent Control Humane Products

There are various Charlotte rodent control humane products that you can use to address your household rat problems. Gone are the days when the only option to get rid of rats is to poison them and spend the whole time trying to find a dead rat between your walls. Now, there are numerous rodent control products that can help you address your rat problem without having to shed the blood of a single rat. These solutions are far more effective and humane ways to address rat problems.

Rodent or rat problems need to be resolved easily before they can cause serious problems. Once rates start to invade your home, you and your family can be exposed to numerous health hazards such as rat pee and rat droppings. These are known to cause life threatening diseases, not to mention the amount of destruction these invaders can cause your property and belongings. To give you some idea regarding Charlotte rodent control humane products, see the list below;

Charlotte Rodent Control Humane Products

  • Non-lethal Live Traps

Non-lethal live traps are primarily designed to capture the rodents alive. These traps simply keep the rodent caged so you can release them later back to their natural habitat. One way traps can also be categorized under this classification. One way traps allow the rodent to enter the cage and exit on the other side or outdoors. Once the rodent outside the cage prevents it from going back the same way. The purpose of this cage is to let the animal naturally leave the house without having to expose it with too much stress.

  • Ultrasonic and Vibration Devices

Ultrasound and Vibration Devices are Charlotte rodent control, humane products that emit low frequency sound or vibrations that is unpleasant for rats or rodents. To repel rodents from attacking specific areas in your home, you can simply plug in this device and let it do the repelling. However, if you have pets at home, you might want to ask your animal doctor first cause the sound might also affect them.

  • Strobe Lights

Strobe lights create high intensity flashes that disorient rodents. This disorienting effects aims to make the undesirable place for rodents to roam around. This type of light comes in different sizes. Again, if you have pets who live indoors with you, you might want to check how this product can affect them before you decide to get one.

The details provided here, are some of the Charlotte rodent control, humane products that you can try to resolve your rat infestation problem. In case these products do not resolve the problem, then you might wanna try a professional Charlotte rodent control company to help you.