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Charlotte Squirrel Removal

Charlotte Squirrel Removal

Are Squirrels Going Nuts in Your Attic?

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Charlotte Squirrel Removal

Squirrels in the attic should be addressed immediately and only handled by a NC wildlife removal and control agent. Squirrels in the attic is a common, yet serious problem many Charlotte homeowners deal with in the spring and fall. Charlotte squirrel removal specialists at City Wide Exterminating can take care of all your squirrel removal needs.

We begin with a thorough inspection to identify squirrel entry points and determine the most efficient way to remove squirrels from your attic. Our services include removing squirrels from attics, eaves, soffits, and walls, squirrel exclusion to keep them out for good, removing squirrel nests and remaining material in the attic, sanitation and disinfecting surfaces and areas where squirrels have lived, and attic insulation replacement and restoration.

Squirrels in the Attic

The Gray Squirrel is one of the most commonly found critters in Charlotte and one of the most common calls our Charlotte squirrel removal specialists handle. Most people hear squirrels running in the attic, nesting in the walls, and chewing or gnawing on electrical wires and other items in the attic, including beams and bracing.

Squirrels are ravenous chewers and can easily find an exposed edge, construction gap, or weak area of a home. Due to the nature of construction, many times these areas are out of sight from the ground. Most squirrel entry points and gaps can only be found with a thorough ladder inspection. The gray squirrel ranges from 16-18″ from nose to tail, and will chew the smallest of openings into a larger hole in order to gain better access. Squirrels then begin to bring in material to build their nests.

Charlotte Squirrel Exclusion

Squirrel exclusion is always the best way to keep squirrels out of your home for good. Exclusion consists of identifying problem areas or weaker spots and using professional materials to permanently and properly seal those areas. If you already have squirrels living in your home, please consult a wildlife professional before beginning any exclusion or removal. Our Charlotte squirrel removal specialists have the knowledge and skill it takes to effectively keep squirrels out of your home.

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Charlotte Squirrel Removal