A Clear Pest Control Defense

Your Pest Control Defense

Pests are always unwelcome visitors, and the truth is that most homeowners have to deal with them at one point or another, whether it’s in the form of rodents, ants, spiders, or some other pest. What you, as a homeowner, need is a clear defined pest control defense, because the best defense is always a good offense. At City Wide Exterminating, we are prepared to be your pest control, a clear and precise defense against pests through inspections, treatments, and prevention. Here are our services, and here are the ways we help homeowners have peace of mind knowing that their homes are defended against the prospect of pests of every kind.

Animal Control

We know how to handle animals of every kind, and we recommend trusting us as professionals to handle any kind of wildlife that may have found its way into a sticky situation. Even animals that seem docile or injured can become violent or carry dangerous disease, and it’s important to call City Wide Exterminating rather than handling any type of wild animal. We know how to safely help and transport animals so that they’re safely out of harm’s way and back in the wild where they can thrive.


Prevention is the clearest pest control defense, because it’s always much cheaper and easier to prevent pests than it is to wipe out an invasion or infestation. We love to see our customers and clients live in their homes knowing that pests don’t stand a chance, so we offer many solutions to every potential pest problem, making your home uninhabitable to pests of every kind before they can settle down and multiply behind your walls and appliances.

Pest Treatments

If your exterminator has failed to provide a clear and accurate pest control defense, call City Wide Exterminating as soon as possible. We offer many solutions for any given pest problem, and can cater a series of treatments to your specific infestation and concerns. We’re prepared to handle anything from termites to ants to rodents, and we will eradicate them from your premise before they have the chance to wreak havoc on your home and loved ones.

At City Wide Exterminating, we know bugs, animals, and pests. We know how valuable your property is, and we know that you depend on us to keep you safe from infestations. We’re committed to state of the art solutions that are eco-friendly and pet and child safe, and we can take your infestation and make your home safe again.


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