Crawl Space Moisture Control

Crawl Space Moisture Control – How To Do It

If you are currently experiencing a moisture problem inside your home’s crawl space, then there’s a great possibility for you to experience a moisture problem. Soon enough, the air found inside your crawl space will make its way into your home’s living quarters. An increased amount of moisture builds the perfect habitat for microscopic parasites, as well as dust mites that live inside very humid areas, and can greatly contribute to plenty of health problems.

One of the biggest sources for crawl space moisture is water coming from air and humidity. The warm, summer climate does provide a high enough level of strong humidity, which allows plenty of moisture to percolate both inside and outside of the crawl space itself. The main source of this moisture can end up in strong rain showers, which affects the crawl space as well.

4 Easy Steps to Crawl Space Moisture Control

  • First, try to remove the main source of the problem by figuring out how moisture is able to reach inside your crawl space. Do a thorough inspection of your house beginning from the basement up to the roof, so you can know where the water is seeping in. Once you learn where the water comes from, you must correct it right away.
  • The second step is to clean up your crawl space. Get rid of any wet or moist materials, debris, and junk. This step is very important so you can ease up the drying process. Now that your crawl space has been cleared up, remove stagnant water. Sometimes, you might need to get a pail or a pump to bring out the water, if there’s too much of it in the space.
  • Seal the vents in your crawl space, to stop the air from outside seeping into the space. Make sure your crawl space is free from holes or cracks, especially in the ceiling. These holes can serve as a way for water and mold to transport beginning from the crawl space, right up to your living area, because air tends to rise up.
  • The final step in handling issues regarding crawl space moisture control is to install a dehumidifier which can help condition the air inside your crawl space.
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