Exterminating Ants

Exterminating Ants Without Pesticide

Nowadays, exterminating ants can be done in various natural ways. Gone are the days when people are so quick to use pesticides to resolve their ant problems. Since the campaigns against pollutants began, many people are now switching to natural ways to resolve common household problems such as pests.

Ant problems can cause various issues. They are known to carry bacteria that can contaminate anything that they touch. They can also trigger allergic reactions and even agitate asthma condition. Aside from these, ants can also damage vegetation. Specific types of ants are also known to cause short circuits by destroying the wiring in your home. These are the reasons why exterminating ants is important. To give you some idea how you can exterminate ants without using pesticides, see the details below;

Exterminating Ants with Common Household Products

  • Using vinegar and water solution is a good way to keep ants away from your kitchen surface or places where you prepare food. Ants tend to steer away from areas sprayed with vinegar and water solution. Although, these may not permanently solve the problem.


  • In case you can’t stand the scent of the vinegar, then your next option will be to use lemon and water solution. You can spray the solution on the favorite spots of the ants or, where ants usually pass through to get access to your home. This solution should help you get rid of your ant problems for as long as the scent lasts, so you may have to re apply the solution frequently.


  • Your next option is to address the root of the problem. One of the best processes for exterminating ants is to go for the nest. Destroying ant nest helps solve the problem permanently. One of the solutions that you can apply is to use boiling water. Of course, this method is highly applicable for ant nests outside your house or if there isn’t a flooring or structure that may be affected by the boiling water.


  • Block the pathway to and from the nest and sprinkle it with boric acid. This will likely cause the ants to move their nest, hopefully to a different location.


If these natural remedies aren’t applicable to you or if it does not solve the problem, then you might want to consider hiring a professional pest control company who can help in exterminating ants from your home.

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