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We know bugs. And we don’t just know about them – their habits, tendencies, and threats they pose – but we know how to get rid of them effectively, once for and for all. We’re experts, and we are City Wide Exterminating, expert exterminator in Charlotte, NC. We offer many, many animal control and pest control services, and there is no pest situation too difficult for our experts. Here are the services we offer, and here are the ways they will benefit your home as a whole.

Preventative Treatments

At City Wide Exterminating, we believe in prevention before treatment. Homeowners who choose our seasonal and annual treatment solutions against ants, spiders, rodents, fleas, mosquitos, and more benefit from our Charlotte, NC exterminator services through prevention treatments that protect their homes against pests of every kind before they ever stand a chance at an infestation. Scheduled treatments can be applied on your terms, how and when it’s convenient for you, but infestations are never convenient and can be extremely costly and can even consist of costly repairs to your home.

Pest Control Treatments

However, in the event that your home does become infested by insects, pests, or rodents, City Wide Exterminating’s Charlotte, NC exterminator services are on call for you as needed. We can take care of any pest invasion from ants to rodents, and we are experts at handling any situation they can throw our way. Whether you catch an infection in a mild stage or your home has become infested from top to bottom, we know where to find them and how to kill them, and we clean up their mess.

Animal Control

We don’t only offer Charlotte, NC exterminator services at City Wide Exterminating. We are familiar with all animal control services, and we strongly urge you to call us first in the event of trapped or injured wildlife. We know that wildlife can carry disease and can become violent when injured or trapped, and we encourage anyone to avoid interaction with them when possible. We can handle any animal control situation, and we’re available for emergency services.

At City Wide Exterminating, we can handle any situation from Charlotte, NC exterminator services to animal control services and prevention treatments. We’re prepared no matter your need, and we offer complete customer satisfaction guarantees to every customer. Our top priority is the safety of our homeowners in their homes, and we protect you from pests of every kind.

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