killing bed bugs with heat

A New Way to Deal with Bed Bugs

Green solutions are all the rage in America. There are green shopping bags, green cars, even green homes. Efficiency and planet-friendly products are finally getting traction in every market, including with bed bugs. Many chemical solutions are now pet and child friendly, and even more solutions that don’t use chemicals at are are gaining popularity. In fact, many professional exterminators are killing bed bugs with heat. That’s right! Heat! This new phenomenon could be perfect for your home, so let’s look into green solutions for bed bugs so you can better discuss them with your exterminator and pick the best one for you.

Green Chemical Solutions

Since consumers are more concerned than ever with environmentally friendly chemical solutions, exterminators are obliging that concern with developments across the board. Most exterminators now only use chemical solutions that are safe even for small children and pets, and these chemical solutions are extremely effective agains bed bugs. They are environmentally friendly to boot, and can be used anywhere in the home pets and children frequent.

Heat Treatments

Another popular new means of ridding homes of bed bugs is killing bed bugs with heat. Heat treatments that utilize advanced equipment to emit steam are taking the exterminating market by storm, and offer a completely chemical free solution for homeowners everywhere. This treatment can be combined with chemical solutions in dire circumstances to create a plan of treatment that attacks living bed bugs and prevents the thriving of eggs that have already been laid by parent bugs.

These are just two of the more environmentally friendly bed bug solutions available, and green chemicals and killing bed bugs with heat can be combined together or with complete removal to completely rid homes of bed bugs for good. Bed bugs can strike anyone, no matter how clean or tidy they may be, and they can spread through the entire home quickly. Don’t put it off one more day, but reach out to your local bed bugs exterminator immediately if you suspect their presence in your home. The earlier you catch them, the less invasive treatment will need to be.

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