Moisture Control and Encapsulation

Charlotte Moisture Control and Crawlspace Encapsulation Service

Moisture Control and Vapor Barriers

Charlotte’s and Concord’s blend of hot weather and staggering humidity can create serious moisture problems under your home. These problems can be simply from humid air entering the crawlspace and condensing on cooler surfaces, or could point to more serious drainage problems. City Wide Exterminating offers crawlspace moisture control solutions ranging from simple and economical vapor barriers to sealed and encapsulated crawlspaces with drainage systems.

Crawlspace Encapsulation Service

Crawlspace Encapsulation service is for Charlotte NC or Concord NC homeowners looking for cleaner, healthier air in their home while reducing energy costs and moisture content in the floor system of their home. Foundation vents are insulated and sealed and a crawlspace dehumidifier is installed. Crawlspace floors and walls are covered with a brilliant white 12-20 mil. liner. All seams are taped, and the wall liner is fastened and caulked to the foundation wall creating a bright, clean space under your home.