Mold Cleaning Service

Mold is a Living Organism

Mold, what is it? It is unsightly and if you see it, you can wipe it away just like dirt. Here is the problem though. As you know, mold is a living organism. You find a bit of mold in the shower, not good, but you can clean the mold up with some bleach or other cleaner and everything is right with the world again.

There is What You See and What You Do Not See

However, mold can exist in unseen places where you cannot reach. In addition, solving a mold problem is about more than wiping away what you see and mold is more than unsightly; mold is a health hazard. See the following Center for Disease Control site concerning mold hazards.

Mold needs moisture, and warm places foster the growth of mold. Flooding can provide the ideal environment for mold. However, something like a small leak that allows water to enter between your walls can also set up an ideal environment for mold. If you see mold at the base or corners of your wall, be wary that mold may inhabit the interior of your home. Go ahead and clean the mold that you see, that does not hurt anything and makes you feel better. However, the real problem is what you do not see. If you see a bit of mold, be wary of what you do not see. Professional mold cleaning services may be necessary.

Citywide Exterminating Helps to Prevent Mold

Citywide Exterminating offers the best solution for mold, which is to prevent the growth of mold in the first place. Citywide Exterminating offers moisture control and crawlspace encapsulation service, which helps prevent the growth of mold in the first place.

If you thing that you have a problem, call Citywide Exterminating. Better yet, call Citywide before you think you have a problem. Mold cleaning service are important; however, better to avoid the problem than to cure it. A Mold cleaning service can save your home. However, the hot muggy weather found in the Southeastern United States is perfect weather for mold growth. Citywide Exterminating can inspect your home for evidence of mold growth and advise you for the need of mold cleaning service. Citywide exterminating can also help to prevent mold growth.

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