Mold Inspection and Removal

Cost of Mold Inspection and Removal

The cost of mold inspection and removal is among the primary concerns of someone looking for a mold exterminator.  Having mold problems can cause serious health issues and may even ruin your properties, resulting in losses. Mold problems are serious infestation issues that you must resolve immediately. Otherwise, it’ll be like a ticking time bomb waiting for the worst to happen.

Due to the serious medical conditions that may be associated with molds, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional exterminator who has experience in removing mold and keeping the molds away from the coming back. To give you some idea regarding cost of mold inspection and removal, see the information below;

Mold Inspection and Removal

  • Mold inspection is a part of the process of hiring an expert exterminator. The exterminator has to know the extent of your mold problem and the type of treatment necessary to address your mold problem. Since the inspection process requires the expert opinion of the exterminator certain fees usually apply. The current rate for mold inspection is between $300 to $500. This includes test kits and other equipment necessary to accurately measure the level of mold infestation in your home.


  • There are certain occasions when the cost of evaluation and mold inspection is offered free by the exterminating company. Some exterminating companies allow you to wave the inspection fee once you decide to go with them to complete the job. Meaning that you can significantly reduce the cost of your mold inspection and removal by going to the same company. However, this is only an option and not a requirement.


  • The service of mold removal company may range from $270 to $9000 depending on various factors. The size of your place, the mold removal method that will be utilized, and difficulty of the task are the most common factors that help determine the cost of mold removal. Exterminators can either charge you by the size of the property or charge you on an hourly basis.

The details provided above are some of the factors that can affect the cost of mold inspection and removal.