Mold Removal from Crawl Space

Mold Removal from Crawl Space

If you have a crawl space inside your home, then chances are that the spreading and growth of mold will be one of your main concerns. Even though there are plenty of techniques on mold removal from crawl space to prevent it from coming inside your house, the construction of an attic or the crawl space itself usually backfires those plans. A crawl space is hot, moist, and not to mention, very dark. So even if the space is well-ventilated, mold still has the potential to grow and spread over time.

Getting rid of mold can be a downright straightforward process in itself – However, it does take plenty of time for it to finish. You will have to use various levels of mold removal from crawl space, which all depends on how long the growth has been inside it.

Tips on Mold Removal from Crawl Space

  • First, check your mold problem. The answers can go from a simple crawl space cleanup, to a full blasting project that can take up the whole space. Put on some protective gear when you decide to investigate your crawl space. This includes boots, a hood, and a covered jacket.
  • The next step is to ready yourself for mold removal. It’s important for the space to be well-ventilated during this step. You can get very sick if you end up inhaling mold spores, as well as the other germs and bacteria lurking inside that space. Place in some fans surrounding the space, as well as through the vents to bring in fresh air.

You must also install flood lights so you can see better, and put a plastic barrier on the floor. The barrier gathers up the mold after you have scraped it away from the walls or other areas.

  • When it comes to mold removal from crawl space, you can use two types of chemicals: The first one is a spray that completely saturates the entire space, while the second chemical is a foam-based spray, which grows on top of the moldy area. You can only use these chemicals for smaller outbreaks – They can indeed destroy the mold, but you still have to scrape it away from the walls.