Mold Removal Crawl Space

Effective Mold Removal in Crawl Space

In an average house, some of the more obvious locations for mold growth include crawl spaces, basements, and moist or dampened areas like bathrooms and kitchens. A living organism, mold spores like chowing down on cellulose – This includes wood products, or damp wood, paper, and fabric. A mold colony isn’t visible right away. In fact, it only exists inside a wall cavity. Because you can find mold in almost every home, it’s not exactly a good thing if you find mold in crawl space.

If you suspect that your home has a mold problem but can’t see it or smell it, you can’t just rely on test kits alone since they’re not exactly considered accurate, nor they will tell you how serious your possible mold problem is. Instead of spending your cash buying these test kits, just remember one rule: If you’re able to see mold in crawl space, you must get rid of it immediately with the help of a professional.

What to Remember During Mold Removal in Crawl Space

Mold removal in crawl space could seem like a very daunting task – However, the most effective protection technique here is to always keep your crawl spaces clean and tidy, with loads of fresh air. Always be proactive regarding possible water problems, by continuously checking out water sources, especially those found in hidden parts of your house. A clean house doesn’t always prevent mold growth.

Ventilation is well-important for a job such as this one. Breathing in mold spores, or whatever other particles floating inside your crawl space can make you, your loved ones or even your pets seriously ill. Make sure to install fans all over your crawlspace, so the vents can circulate clean, fresh air.

You could also install flood lights for better vision, and place in a plastic barrier on the ground. This sheet will gather up the mold and mold spores, after you have removed it from joists or other surfaces in your house. The amount of moisture in your home will be the key to keeping mold growth in control. And if the mold growth gets out of hand, don’t hesitate to call up a professional right away.