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Mosquito Solutions

The summertime is full of outdoor activities, and in the South East United States where the air is humid mosquitos can often put a damper on the fun. They bite and leave welts that itch, and they can carry disease that can be detrimental to infants and mothers. Many homeowners are desperate for a solution to rid their fun times of these pests, and there are many solutions available. Solutions can range from professional mosquito treatments or yards to personal bug sprays and many things in between. Here are some of them.

Personal Bug Spray

There are many kinds of personal bug sprays available at any general store. Some are more eco-friendly than others, and some may have chemicals that can be harmful to small children and pets. These solutions must be re-applied often, but they’re perfect for short bursts outside or on-the-go outdoor adventures away from home. If you don’t plan to spend long outside, or if you’ll be away from home and need an easy to carry solution, personal bug sprays may be the solution for you. This is a more temporary and travel-friendly alternative to mosquito treatment for yards.

DIY Bug Sprays

While some personal bug sprays can be bought at a store, some can be made using natural ingredients in many households. Water mixed with bug repellent essential oils or other ingredients have been proven to be somewhat viable solutions against mosquitos and other bugs. This is a perfect solution for people with skin that is extremely sensitive to chemicals, or for people who are concerned about the chemicals found in store-bought personal bug sprays. These are a great alternative for chemical mosquito treatment for yards.

Candles and Waxes

There are many candles and waxes that can be lit and melted to repel mosquitos and other bugs. They repel within a certain radius, and are perfect for camping and other outdoor activities that require temporary relief from bugs and mosquitos. These aren’t as strong or effective as mosquito treatments for yards, but they can be a more affordable option as a temporary solution.

Mosquito Yard Treatment

Professional exterminators offer seasonal mosquito treatments for your yard, and this is by far the most thorough, long-lasting solution. Instead of repelling mosquitos for a short period of time, yard mosquito treatments make your entire yard uninhabitable for mosquitos. Instead of having mosquitos around that are repelled by a short term treatment, this treatment prevents mosquitos from living in your area in the first place. It isn’t transportable, but it’s the best solution for your yard as a whole.

There are many treatments you can apply to protect yourself against mosquitos, and each offers a different benefit for your specific situation. You can apply any or all of these as you choose, and your summer will be mosquito free!

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