Organic Termite Control

Can You (Really) Exterminate Termites With Organic Termite Control?

Termite infestations are a common household issue that consumes a lot of personal resources, time and effort to be successfully dealt with. It’s not always that household funds allow to take up such a task. Fortunately, there are organic termite control treatments that are just as effective but more affordable, safer, and sustainable.

What Organic Termite Control Treatments Are Effective?

  1. Sunlight

The main reason termites thrive underground is because the natural heat and light of the sun is scathing for them. Using sunlight as a low-cost solution is not only effective but very convenient. Solar power is apparently not limited to providing electricity. It brings safety and comfort levels up by keeping the termites down.

  1. Humidity and Temperature

Termites survive in highly humid locations because they need moisture to breed. Indoors, humidity level can be controlled by air conditioning to prevent growth and spread of termites. Also, extreme heat (120 degrees or higher) and extreme cold (15 degrees or lower) can effectively and naturally kill termites.

  1. Natural Compounds and Botanical Treatments

Sodium borate is a widely known organic termite control treatment that can be used purely or as a solution mixed with water as a deterrent and inhibitor of termite growth. Orange oil and neem oil, on the other hand, are nature’s gifts that also aid in eliminating termites.

  1. Biodiversity

Biological interference through parasitic nematodes is beneficial in fighting termites. These worms prey on termites and help in annihilating an entire colony. The fossil remains of diatoms, known as diatomaceous earth, also provide the same benefits. By allowing nature’s course to take over through nematodes and diatoms, termites meet their demise in no time.

  1. Home-made Trap

Cardboard is a popular organic termite control trap because it has cellulose and gives off the inviting aroma of wood when wet. This can be taken to the area with termite activity and taken out to be burned immediately when termites are lured in.

To be able to deter termites is one thing, the use of organic termite control is quite another. There is a marked difference between old versus organic methods that determines whether the end result is going to endure. With a household’s active participation in using natural termite treatments, they are also building a new lifestyle and learning a new behavior that keeps the termites gone for good.

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