Pest Control Pineville NC

Do it Yourself Method of Pest Control in Pineville NC

The flowers are all blooming, and temperature is slowly rising upwards. Isn’t the thought of spending springtime in Pineville, without having to worry about being bothered by ants, cockroaches, as well as other pests barging inside your house. When temperatures around Pineville reach a blistering 70 degrees and a little bit of rainshower is involved, this means that the swarm season has officially begun in this area. Customers of pest control in Pineville will be able to inform you that the top residential pest problems during the spring and summer months usually fall into three categories: Clovermites, ants, and millipedes. This does not discount the dozens of other bothersome pest species that you have to deal with on a more regular basis – Including earwigs mosquitoes, fleas, spiders, springtails, and of course, the common cockroach.

There are at least 10,000 ant species from around the world, so it’s not surprising that there are plenty of homeowners and business owners who want to get rid of them when they invade their houses. Even though ants only create minor damage, seeing them crawling around your countertops or uncovered leftover meals is pretty much a huge reason why we need to get rid of them.

There are loads of DIY ant control methods that you can utilize, if you want to stop them from further invading your home, and exterminating them without ever having to break the bank.

Do-It-Yourself Pest Control in Pineville NC

Excellent sanitation is pretty much one of the better ways for you to make your business and homes free from ant invasions. Keep your home free from food crumbs, drink spills/drops, and always take out the garbage as often as possible. And if you have leftovers lying around the house – Especially sugary snacks or desserts – Stored inside airtight Ziploc bags or tight-lidded containers. Ants are small enough to slip into syrup and honey jars, especially if they have drips around the lid or on the side. Seal up these jars in a Ziploc bag to help protect it.

Vinegar is one of the surefire ways to help you get rid of ants inside your house. If you want to use this, place in a solution consisting of half water and half vinegar inside a spray bottle. Spray the areas surrounding your house in which a huge population of ants is present – And don’t forget to spritz on entry points such as doorways, baseboards, and windows. The strong scent of vinegar works to remove the chemical trails left by ants, keeping them away from your food. If you want better results, apply the solution at least twice a day.

Scalding hot water is one more way to get rid of ants. Pour in some boiling hot water if you discover the ant’s nests.