Pest Control Warranty

Coverage of a Pest Control Warranty

The warranties carried out by many pest control services are pretty much some of the highest-level warranties that you will encounter in practically any business – But what exactly do they take up? The easiest way to find out is to differentiate between a termite extermination warranty, and a general pest control warranty.

What’s the Difference Between a Pest Control Warranty and a Termite Extermination Warranty?

General Pest Warranty – Plenty of these pests, including mice, spiders, ants, etc. are all taken care of for a minimum of three months. After the initial treatment, in case these pests come back, the company is always willing to return to your house and give it a second treatment for free.

Termite warranty – This type of warranty is highly important, all split into three parts:

  • If termites invade your house within a twelve-month period after the initial treatment, the company will return and exterminate them again, free of charge.
  • Sometimes, the pest control company will use a termite baiting system to eliminate termites found inside and outside your own house, together with the colony itself.
  • Sometimes, if the extent of the termites’ damage is great, the pest control company is always willing to replace and pay for the damage that these termites have caused, especially to your walls and roofs.

One of the things that have to be discussed here is that when it comes to the third point, the company will repair the damaged area until it looks as good as new. They will try to return it in its original state, as if the whole thing never even happened in the first place. Once the whole process is done, the company will provide their clients with clearly-written warranties that list down all of the termite treatments used.

Certain pest control companies do depend on the pesticide manufacturer’s warranties. And this is completely okay – But some of them do take one step further and keep the warranties by themselves. After the first year of treatment, a yearly inspection will be conducted on the property. The warranty becomes null and void if this does not happen.

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