Pest Inspection Companies

What Are Pest Inspection Companies

Pest inspection companies are licensed professionals who conduct an evaluation or inspection of homes that are for sale. The buyer of the property usually requires this type of inspection or report to ensure that their prospect property is free from any wood destroying pests such as termites, carpenter ants and other pests that can eventually compromise the condition of the structure.

How to Find Reliable Pest Inspection Companies

SPCB or Structural Pest Control Board is in charge of issuing licences to professional pest control companies who are authorized to conduct property pest inspection. The best way to find a credible pest inspector is to ask for recommendations from your real estate agent or from the locals in your community. In case you don’t have other resources you may also look into the Internet and find which company best suit your requirements. You may also call SPCB to confirm if the license of your candidate pest company is valid.

Pest Inspection Report

Once the pest inspection has been conducted pest inspection companies are required to provide a report of their inspection within ten working days. If you are the buyer, you may request a copy of this report from your real estate agent. You may direct your questions regarding the report to the pest inspection company who conducted the inspection.

To ensure that the property that you are buying has been properly inspected for wood destroying pests you may look for the tag that pest inspection companies are required to place in the attic and the garage. The tag contains information about the pest inspection company who made the inspection, the date of inspection or treatment and how you can reach them. SPCB also provides a list of properties that have been inspected by pest inspection companies over the past two years, so you can check their website to confirm if the property you wish to buy is on the list.

Pest inspection companies are required to disclose specific information on their pest inspection report. This information includes, all types of wood destroying pests, fungus and other pests that can physically damage the structure of the property. The report should also include a diagram that shows the areas of the property that has been inspected and the areas where there are visible damage caused by the pests included in the report. The type of treatment that was last used to solve the infestation problems, including its warranty should also be a part of the report.

Basically, the details provided here are the primary roles and duties of pest inspection companies.