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Exterminating Solutions from City Wide

We’re City Wide Exterminating, and we’re committed to keeping your home, loved ones, and pets safe through providing an environment for your family that’s free of rodents and other vermin. We know how valuable your family’s safety is, and that you’d do anything to protect them, and we make it our mission to make yours family’s safety as important to us as it is to you.

We Only Use Safe Chemicals

At City Wide, we only use safe chemicals that pose no threat to your pets, and we’re proud to be considered pet-friendly exterminators. We know what works, and we keep up with all the latest developments in pet-safe chemicals so you can rest easy knowing your home is vermin free and harmful-chemical free.

Applied Safely by Experts

We know that no matter how safe our chemicals are, they’re still chemicals and you want them placed in and around your home by experts who know what they’re doing and take every measure to use safe application techniques. We ensure that your pets and small children will come to no harm through our solutions, and we ensure that they’ll be applied precisely where needed for maximum results and zero harm to your family.

Multiple Solutions for Each Problem 

At City Wide Exterminating, we’re professionals with your best interest in mind. We listen to your every concern and we have and we tailor our services to your pest problem and your concerns. We know that pests can be stubborn, and every situation is different and requires a different plan of attack. We’re equipped with many solutions for each problem, and can combine them to suit your needs.

At City Wide Exterminating, we’re more than pet friendly exterminators. We’re professionals with all the experience and knowledge to attack your pest problem without harm to your family or pets. We’re committed to your safety from both harmful chemical solutions and harmful pests, and it makes us happy to see you safe and sound in your own home.


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