Removal of Bed Bugs

The Steps For An Effective Prevention and Removal of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have a tendency to be uncontrollable because they are small and hidden in the dark. But aiming for an effective prevention and removal of bed bugs is not a far-fetched dream. There are five things you can do, at the very least, to initiate a successful extermination of bed bugs.

Top Four Things You Can Do For Efficient Removal of Bed Bugs

  1. The presence of bed bugs is obvious in both terms of sight and smell. When signs are apparent and overwhelming, you can begin with vacuuming the area where there’s bed bug activity and properly disposing the vacuum bag. Diatomaceous earth, borax and boric acid are effective treatments that can kill bed bugs as well as exposure to extreme temperature like getting them soaked in a very hot water. Seal the treated material or area with proper encasement, otherwise dispose them for higher chances of complete removal of bed bugs.
  2. There are insecticides available that can take care of bed bugs. Check the ingredients as well as the directions for use to be effective. There are toxic chemicals as well as plant-based treatments offered in the market that you can choose from. It’s important to do your selected treatment according to proper timing and alongside vacuuming or steam cleaning the infested area to maximize its effectiveness.
  3. To prevent kissing bugs from preying on you while you’re sleeping, install some deterrents, traps or interceptors under your bed. While these tools aren’t for total removal of bed bugs, these should be able to assist in giving you a restful sleep and prevent skin bites that can cause itchiness or swelling.
  4. Treating one infested area doesn’t guarantee that other areas of your home are bed bug-free. It’s important to get a full coverage of your bed bug issue and check other affected areas to be given the necessary treatments.
  5. Continuously monitor bed bug activity and regularly maintain the cleanliness at home as preventive measures to reduce the recurrence of insect infestation.

The sight of bed bugs shouldn’t overwhelm you with fear or disable you from taking charge in keeping the security and comfort of your family. There are simple steps that are effective in the temporary removal of bed bugs. For lasting results, there’s professional help ready to take your call.

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