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Termite Inspection-A Way to Protect Your Home

A termite inspection is vital to the protection of your home. Citywide Exterminating is an outstanding termite company with termite inspectors who will check to see if you presently are infested by termites. The problem with termites is that you may not be aware termites are present until the damage is done.

Termites are Difficult to Find

Termites often move in the subterranean; therefore, they are not seen. The presence of termites goes undetected until a wood stud gives way. A termite inspector from Citywide Exterminating will thoroughly inspect your house to find the presence of termites. This can be dirty work, going through the crawl space in your house, the attic and other out of the way places you do not see every day.

The termite inspector can determine if termites are present, which helps to determine the best way to rid your home of termites. Moreover, a termite inspector can help determine where to look for structural damage to your home.

Lock the Barn Door

The best approach for a homeowner is to get the termite inspector to examine the property, but get the termite protection offered by Citywide Exterminating regardless of the report. An inspection can tell you if termites are present. However, finding that termites are present, while important, is a bit like leaving the barn door open and then checking to see if the horse has run off.  A much better practice is to lock the door and of course keep a check on the horse. In the case of termites, it is better to get your house treated to prevent the termites from coming. Of course, it is wise to monitor the situation. However, the horse is much less apt to runoff if the barn door is locked and termites are much less apt to be a problem if house is treated with termite protection.

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