Termites Control Services

Types of Termites Control Services

The best way to learn about the different termites control services available is to ask a professional exterminator. A professional termite exterminator can help educate you regarding your available choices after they have evaluated your home or workplace. A licensed termite control service provider has a valuable amount of experience and relevant background to be able to recommend useful advice regarding your termite problem.

Nevertheless, having some idea regarding the different types of termite services by reading about them should come in handy once a professional exterminator begins to explain your options. To give you some basic ideas regarding these termite control options, see the details below;

Types of Termites Control Services

  • One of the primary types of termites control services is known as repellent termiticides. This type of treatment is utilized for soil treatment. The soil or land surrounding the foundation of a structure is drilled and treated using repellent termiticide as well as other areas of the structure that are prone to termite attacks. This approach is more of a preventive measure, since it drives away termites from the significant parts of the structure such as the foundation.


  • Non-repellent termiticides, one of the termites control services usually offered by pest control companies. Since this treatment is non-repellent, termites are easily drawn to the treated area without knowing that they are being poisoned by the termiticides. Aside from this, non-repellent termiticides also include transference effects, meaning that other termites can be poisoned by simply getting exposed to other termites that have come in contact with the treatment.

Depending on your location and the level of your termite infestation problem, these two options can present their own advantages and disadvantages. This is the reason why it is important that you discuss your options with a professional so proper evaluation may be conducted. Also, a professional exterminator licensed in your state will know the restrictions and policies of your local government in terms of termite control methods that can be utilized to solve your problem. Aside from this, professional exterminator can give you a good idea regarding the budget that you need to prepare based on your preferred termites control services.