Treating For Bed Bugs

Treating For Bed Bugs The Natural Way

Bed bugs is a misnomer for insects that wreak havoc beyond the confines of your bed. They also invade your cabinets, furnitures, rags, boxes and other porous materials that make a great lodging for the creepy-crawlies.

Behind such a threatening demeanor, however, lies a controllable situation that even natural remedies can manage to extricate. Treating for bed bugs the organic way is beginning to gain ground as people are beginning to see the harmful side effects of traditional pesticides.

Nowadays when sustainability counts more than short-termism, it’s a boon to the modern society that treating for bed bugs the natural way is achievable, affordable, effective and, most importantly, safe.

Simple, Do-It-Yourself Treating For Bed Bugs

  1. Borax is commonly used when treating for bed bugs because it is effective and reduces the chances of recurrence by a high rate. It can be used in two ways. First, by dissolving borax in water enclosed in a spray bottle and spraying the solution all over the infested area. Second, by washing the infested thing in extreme heat or cold and applying the same solution thereafter.
  2. Diatomaceous earth is another household name used when treating for bed bugs because it is effective and safe. It’s also a versatile deterrent that can be used against cockroaches and insects. Homeowners would find it worrisome throwing soil into their mattresses but diatomaceous earth can be used for infested areas other than the bed and be just as potent.
  3. Tea tree oil is widely known as a remedy against skin inflammation. It is also effective as a natural insecticide. It repels bed bugs, mosquitoes and ants just as well as it kills lice and parasites. It can be used in treating for bed bugs as a solution diluted in water enclosed in a spray bottle or as a pure solution to be applied in direct contact with bed bugs.
  4. Vinyl mattress covers also inhibits bug infestation by having no porous surface that makes it tough for bed bugs to get a good grip and to lodge. High quality vinyl mattress covers are available and would prove to be a worthwhile investment.
  5. 5. There are other means already available in your household such as the vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner and dryer that can be used as an immediate treatment. But by cleaning and inspecting your surroundings will help you gauge if the scope of the issue needs professional handling.

Homeowners should always consider remedies appropriate for the scale of the insect infestation. Minor treating for bed bugs are for small problems and generally offer temporary respite. Professional bed bugs treatment provide a bigger coverage that can handle all kinds issues regardless of the depth and breadth.

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