treating bed bugs

How to Treat Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of life’s biggest, grossest, most inconvenient truths. Most people, thankfully, never have to go through the trouble of experiencing this pest, but they can strike anywhere human contact is a consideration, and they don’t discriminate. They’re the peskiest little hitch-hikers in the world, and they can jump from person to person and from object to object. They make their home in anything that’s soft and habitable, including furniture, hair, clothing, and carpet. They’re known to bite and cause horrific rashes that itch and burn, and anyone experience this is also interested in treating bed bugs to be rid of them forever. Here are some of the most common means of treating bed bugs.

Heat Treatments 

For people with extreme chemical sensitivity, this is the best option. Heat treatments are child and pet friendly and can rectify many bed bug situations effectively to solve the bed bug problem completely. This is often the first method professionals would try, as it’s safer than chemical treatments and less invasive than complete removal of all affected areas. It’s a great solution for many people and works well in combination with many other types of treating bed bugs.

Chemical Treatments

There are so many types of chemical treatments for bed bugs, and some are relatively pet and child safe. It’s best to have a chemical treatment applied by a professional because it is a chemical and professionals are capable of expert application, but there are DIY solutions available to the public at hardware an home improvement stores. This can take more than one application and can be harmful to pets and children, but is a viable option for people in desperate need who can’t get a professional out to their home soon enough.

Complete Removal

This is usually the last resort form of treating bed bugs. It’s very invasive to your property, as it involves removing anything that’s infected and isn’t responding to treatments. This can include carpet, clothes, sheets, towels, mattresses, an any other bed-bug-habitable surfaces and objects that have been infected by a bed bug infestation. This is best avoided if at all possible, but if an infestation is left unchecked for too long this will inevitably be the last resort solution to a stubborn problem.

Any combination of these three solutions may be implemented by a professional exterminator. Exterminators with the most experience know exactly what to do to make treatment effective the first time, and will only resort to complete removal when absolutely no other alternative is effective. A great professional exterminator will handle your property and concerns with care and will be your advocate against all pests and vermin.


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