Bed Bug Cleaning Services

Top 5 Infestations That Bed Bug Cleaning Services, Pest Control And Other Extermination Services Can Handle

HAIR-RAISING is one way to describe the sighting of common house infestations that never fail to surprise homeowners. These little critters that ravage your woodwork and furniture warrant bed bug cleaning services, pest control and other extermination services. The question most homeowners ask, however, is how to tell the difference among these creepy-crawlies to get the appropriate treatment and services.

To distinguish whether to get bed bug cleaning services, termite extermination, or general pest removal services, it’s important to know what insect infestations are lurking beneath the surface of your homes.

Common Infestations That Bed Bug Cleaning Services & Other Pest Removal Companies Can Help You With

  1. Bed Bugs

Bugs leave traces where they’ve been such as dark red spots, eggs, feces, and shells. They make your skin get itchy or swollen. Home remedies for bugs include boric acid, borax and diatomaceous earth. Professionals that provide bed bug cleaning services contribute to your understanding of bugs and treating them.

  1. Lice

Just like bed bugs, lice leave a feeling of discomfort in the form of an itch and bite marks. They are very small and have a reddish to brownish tinge that distinguishes them from the others. Common insect repellants can easily deter lice.

  1. Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles generally don’t bite but the beetle larvae has features that cause most of the irritation and allergy that are usually experienced when they are around.

  1. Ticks

This parasite attacks like mosquitos with its blood-sucking trait that makes way for the transfer of diseases like lyme disease and tularemia. They seem flat and rounded with a tinge of reddish color. They can latch on human skin for days and leave only when fully fed.

  1. Mites

When mites attack, it usually causes more pain than bugs or lice can. They also find a prey among plants or rats, squirrels, mice and other similar animals. They belong in the same family as ticks.

Dealing with infestations by seeking special services can be costly, but it would be more expensive getting the wrong treatment for the wrong insect offender. Know when to get bed bug cleaning services, termite extermination or other pest removal services by knowing what’s been infesting your house first and foremost.

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