Bed Bug Treatment

Popular Bed Bug Treatments

While there are a ton of bed bug treatments, professionals use the following two treatments. Continue below to learn about the two most popular bed bug treatments!

Whole Room Heat

A whole room heat bed bug treatment is one of the most traditional and popular available treatments. During this bed bug treatment, a professional will bring specialized equipment to increase your home’s temperature. Since bed bug eggs can’t survive in 122 degrees Fahrenheit, a heat treatment usually maintains a temperature of 135 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

In order to control and maintain the temperature, a professional will strategically place thermometers around your home. They will watch these thermometers throughout the whole process. It’s important to note that a heat treatment can potentially damage sensitive items. That’s why it’s in your best interest to remove any special items prior to the treatment. You should also remove any pets from the house during the treatment. While a heat treatment will exterminate any bed bugs, there is a possibility that your home could be infested again. So, make sure to take the proper prevention steps afterwards. Lastly, expect a heat treatment to last anywhere from six to eight hours.


Recently, insecticide has become an innovative and popular bed bug treatment. This bed bug treatment uses the technology of chemicals to get rid of bed bugs. The three main types of insecticides are:

  • A mild solution that is fast-acting and okay to come into contact with. This is usually used for items such as couches.
  • A mild solution used for the inside of places we touch, such as the inside of furniture.
  • A harsh solution used for places we never or rarely come into direct contact with, such as baseboard and cracks and crevices.

It’s important to note that an insecticide treatment rarely kills all of the bed bugs in one day. Thus, it’s important to schedule reoccurring insecticide treatments. Expect this treatment to take anywhere from a half hour to two hours per designated area. Even after the treatment itself is complete, it’s important not to enter your home until the treatment is completely dried and a professional declares you can enter.


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