cost of termite treatment

How to Determine Cost of Termite Treatment

 Termite damage is a plague on many homes, and it can be difficult to determine the extent of damage they’ve caused before treatment begins. However, many homeowners want to know what they’re getting themselves into before beginning treatment or even calling an exterminator. Termite damage treatment costs can be unpredictable before extermination begins, but here are some clues as to how much your cost of termite treatment.

Extent of Damage

The extent of damage is the main determination of the cost of termite treatment. The treatment itself is determined by how many termites have taken up residence in your home, but another cost of treatment can be repairs to the home. If termites have done considerable structural damage, your home could require extensive internal repairs or else risk instability and could pose a danger to you and your family and pets.

Location of Damage

The location of your termite damage will be another factor to determine cost of termite treatment. Termites that are easily accessed, like on wood siding or on exterior or interior exposed columns or beams, are much easier to treat and therefore cost less. However, when termite damage is in interior framing or around the foundation, cost of termite treatment can be significantly higher because of the extra effort put into reaching these places.

Length of Time Termites have Resided

Another driving factor for cost of termite treatment is the length of time termites have taken up residence. It’s tempting to ignore these potential pests in your home before having an inspection done, but routine inspections can catch termites early enough to minimize cost of repairs and treatment. However, if your first inspection in twenty years caught termites, it’s very likely they’ve been around long enough to cause considerable damage and rack up extra charges on your treatment bill.

These factors and others contribute to the cost of termite treatment, but it’s impossible to know exactly how much it’ll cost to treat termites until it’s all said and done. This is precisely why it’s important to have routine inspections and catch termites early, because no one is immune to termites and the damages can quickly amount to insurmountable trouble and charges.

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