Encapsulating Crawl Space

Reasons Why Encapsulating Crawl Space Offers The Best Advantage

There’s a big difference between an encapsulated crawl space and one that isn’t. It’s the homeowners that opted for encapsulating crawl space that can vouch for the advantages it gives. But to be better informed, it would be valuable for you to learn how encapsulation solves problems, while securing your future with benefits.

How Encapsulating Crawl Space Solves Past Problems and Secures Your Future With Benefits

  1. The Problems of not encapsulating crawl space

Crawl space is that small extra room underneath the house that keeps it from having direct contact with the earth’s soil. It’s a margin of safety that deters the entry of unwanted insects and other elements that pose potential threats to your home. But leaving this space without encapsulation helps build up moist that comes from the highly-humid ground that goes directly to the floor and structure of the house.

It is this moist that contributes to mold formation and serves as a sustenance to insects, termites and fungi. Eventually, these issues underneath would begin to surface and manifest in the form of a deteriorating flooring, furniture or walls. It would also affect the energy consumption as well as the quality of the air and the quality of the structure of your home’s foundations.

  1. The Benefits of encapsulating crawl space

The process of crawl space encapsulation offers three major benefits. The first benefit is insulation. Your ducts and flooring are protected from humidity caused from having direct contact with the soil that’s susceptible to varying levels of dampness and dryess. This feature also helps in controlling humidity and temperature indoors. The encapsulation also serves as a control environment that limits access of air, pests and conditions that increases the risk of mold formation.

Second benefit is energy efficiency. By controlling the humidity and temperature underneath, air quality indoors improve and require less air conditioning. This helps lower your energy costs. Third benefit is long-term security. Encapsulating crawl space is helpful in reducing insect infestations, duct cleaning and flooring repairs or replacements. This means cost savings and comfort for your future.

Encapsulating crawl space is one feature of your home that improves its value both physically and intrinsically. The boon it gives to indoor air quality and energy consumption as well as the boost to the perception of quality and security are enough reasons to go for this crawl space treatment.

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