Flea and tick spray for the yard

Fleas and Ticks Bring Misery and Disease

Flea and tick spray for the yard can make your home safer and more pleasant. Fleas and ticks are a tremendous health hazard for everyone in the family and the pets. For example, the nursery rhyme, ring around the rosy, pocket full of posies, is a childhood rhyme of which most people are familiar. However, the story around the rhyme is not as well known. At one time the population of Europe was devastated by the bubonic plague. (See http://www.rhymes.org.uk/ring_around_the_rosy.htm) The plague was caused by a disease carried by fleas. The rhyme described the symptoms of the bubonic plague, which included circular patches of skin that were rosy in color. Posies were flowers that were carried in the pocket; the belief was the fragrance of the flower prevented a person from catching the bubonic plague.

The good news is that the bubonic plague is not present in North Carolina, but fleas still bring misery, and ticks do bring transmit diseases. Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever are among the diseases carried by ticks. People and pets can be infected with the aforementioned diseases. In some instances, hospitalization is required and ehrlichiosis can result in death. Flea and tick spray for yard pests help to keep your family and pets safe. See the following North Carolina Department of Health Site concerning tick borne diseases found in North Carolina.

Professionals Exterminators Know How to use Flea and Tick Spray for Yards

When using flea and tick spray for yard pests, it is important to use the right spray in the right concentration and in the right manner. The use of pesticides has consequences. If the wrong spray is used in the wrong concentration, people and pets can be contaminated. Moreover, if the right flea and tick spray for yard pests is not used, you may waste your time and money and not eliminate the fleas and ticks.

The best approach to reduce fleas and ticks from your yard is to call the professionals at Citywide Exterminators. Citywide Exterminators can apply flea and tick spray for yards that is effective and safe. Moreover, Citywide Exterminators uses environmentally friendly products.

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