How to Remove Mold in Crawl Space

How to Remove Mold in Crawl Space

If your house currently owns a crawl space, then one of the main concerns is keeping an eye out for mold growth. A crawl space filled with mold could severely affect your health, as well as the health of your loved ones. This is the mold that resides inside your crawl space area, and they could end up travelling right inside your living space. In turn, this increases your asthma, as well as the allergies and breathing problems.

So why exactly do you have crawl space mold? Mold, a real organism, enjoys growing inside warm and damp spaces, especially when there’s a food source – Such as wood. Is your crawl space similar to this? Then you might have a moldy crawl space.

Mold can pretty much survive in almost all temperatures – However, they do enjoy crawl spaces because of the steady temperature. Throw in a good food source as well as high humidity levels, and mold can grow rapidly in the span of 30 days.

Humidity levels greater than 55% can also propagate the growth and spread of mold. This also makes the perfect residence for bugs including dust mites – One more source of potential health concerns.

Did you know that wood, especially dampened wood, helps mold grow? That’s because mold is comprised of a material called cellulose – And wood floor joists are at least 50% made of cellulose.

Tips on How to Remove Mold in Crawl Space

Learning how to remove mold in crawl space can be a dangerous task, especially when you don’t have the right amount of protection. Wear the right gear when getting rid of mold, or you could possibly place your health at risk. Bleaching does not get rid of mold instantly – Its main source must be addressed by a professional.

Ventilation is absolutely perfect for jobs such as learning how to remove mold in crawl space. Breathing in mold spores and any other harmful stuff floating around inside your crawlspace can surely make you and your loved ones ill. Install fans around the crawlspace, as well as inside the vents, to keep the air circulated.

Another great idea on how to remove mold in crawl space is to place in flood lights for better vision. Put in a plastic barrio on the floor. This gathers up the mold after you – Or an expert – Have scraped away the mold from the joists or from the crawl space walls.