mold in crawl space

Mold and its Dangers

Everyone knows mold is bad. It’s gross, and it can cause illness. But what many homeowners fail to realize is that it can grow and spread incredibly quickly, and can even be deadly in a matter of weeks. If you suspect mold damage, whether it’s mold in crawl space or walls, please call an exterminator immediately. Mold can render your home a hazard and you may even be displaced from it completely if mold gets out of control. Here are some of the ways mold can develop and some warning signs to note if you suspect its presence in your home.

Mold in Crawl Space

The most common first place for mold is in crawl spaces. They’re prone to flooding and dampness during wet weather, which often goes unnoticed as homeowners don’t typically enter the crawl space to make note of these conditions. Damp earth leads to damp air, and this is a perfect breeding ground for mold, especially in an uninsulated crawl space or one lacking modern water insulation.

Signs of Mold Presence

Mold in a crawl space isn’t the only concern for homeowners. Mold can develop anywhere, and there are certain tale tale signs of mold to watch out for. Any visible signs of water damage are a sure indicator of perfect mold-growth conditions. Water damage that’s showing on ceilings, walls, or cracked tiles are the tip of the ice burg for more serious concerns, as by the time water damage has shown itself it’s usually had many days or weeks to fester behind your home’s finishes.

Nagging Cold Symptoms

One of the most common signs of mold in crawl space or other areas of the home is a nagging cold or allergies. A cough that just won’t go away, or a pesky runny nose and headache, or a general icky feeling: these are all symptoms of mold exposure in animals and humans and should absolutely not be written off or ignored. These are just small symptoms of mold that can lead to extreme health concerns and even death for some strains of mold.

Mold is a serious concern. You wouldn’t eat food with mold on it, and you should never live in an environment in which you inhale it into your lungs daily. It can be breeding much more serious concerns than the initial water damage and minor illness, and can be extremely costly, or even impossible, to remove if it goes too long without treatment. The earlier you catch mold the better, and you should always trust its eradication with licensed professionals.

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