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Bed Bugs and Pests and Rats, Oh My!

One service we hope you’ll never need is pest control or bed bugs eradication. And if you’re needing these services, let us preface this article by saying, “We’re sorry!” We known how inconvenient and down right nasty pests are, but we’re here to help. Our company is City Wide Exterminating, and we help the entire greater Charlotte, NC area to control pests and bed bugs through prevention, inspections, and eradication. Here are some of our services. But, honestly, we hope you never need them.


At City Wide Exterminating, we offer many preventative measures for pest control and bed bug prevention. We can do seasonal, bi-annual, or annual prevention, which can include a series of treatments for rodents, spiders, snakes, ants, mosquitos, roaches, bed bugs, and general vermin. We recommend these preventative measures because we want you to rest easily knowing that your family is safe against the threat of every kind of pest, and because we know that it’s much easier and cheaper to prevent pests than it is to get rid of them once they’ve made your home their own.


If you suspect the presence of any pests, whether they be rats, termites, ants, or any other insects or vermin, we can inspect your home and discover exactly what and how bad your problem is. We can tailor a strategy of attack to your specific concerns and the condition of yours infestation if necessary as we identify your problem and discuss it with you professionally and respectfully. We know that no matter what preventative measures you take, no matter how clean and tidy your home is or how hard you try to keep them out, pests can sometimes still create problems for your property.


Once we’ve identified your problem through an inspection, we are equipped to handle any pest control or bed bugs problem for you. We can eradicate bed bugs, termites, spiders, mosquitos, snakes, rats, mice, ants, mosquitos, and any other unwanted visitors through a series of treatments tailored to your specific needs and concerns. We offer multiple different treatments for any given issue, and we are prepared to meet your needs and wants each and every time.


We do all of this with immense professionalism. We know bugs and vermin, and we hope you never have to deal with them. However, if you do, we will attack it with utmost professionalism and respect for your property and home. We know exactly how important your home is to us, and we make it our mission to treat your home as we would our own life investment. If you have a pest control or bed bugs problem, we hope you won’t take our word for it but will give us a call and try us yourself.

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