Pest Management Companies

What Makes Some Pest Management Companies Better Than Others?


Pest management companies employ qualified technicians, licensed pesticide applicators and inspectors with significant knowledge and experience in performing EPA-approved pest inspection, extermination and prevention procedures. These professionals are also trained in handling and administering pest control products and equipment. They undergo ongoing training conducted by local pest control companies and public organizations to update and improve their relevant knowledge and skills.


These are some of the fundamental qualities of the staff that’s employed by some of the best pest management companies. So, what sets these local pest control companies apart? What makes each contractor better than the rest? Here are some key points to remember:


Major Differences of Pest Management Companies


  1. Fields of Specialization – Each of these pest management companies focus on providing solutions for a particular set of problems. For example, some local pest control companies employ licensed inspectors and qualified technicians to offer top quality termite control services to owners of small residential properties like condos and the like. On the other hand, a few contractors zone in on providing bed bug and lawn pest control services to large residential properties and small commercial establishments. There are a lot of variations, so it’s in your best interest to go with a local provider that specializes in fields and properties that are relevant to your particular situation.


  1. Pest Control Methods & Procedures – These pest management companies use different methods and products to perform their duties. Their staff is also trained to conduct a set of procedures that’s unique to each of these local pest control companies. For instance, some contractors use organic products and follow environmentally safe procedures for inspecting and treating pest infestation problems. In contrast, other local providers use commercially available chemicals, products and equipment to fulfill their duties. Ask for their specific methods when choosing a contractor, so you can go with a provider that safely and effectively uses your preferred methods.


  1. Service Guarantees & Warranties – Not all pest management companies offer same-day inspection guarantees and treatment warranties with significant coverage. Since almost all pest-related problems won’t be something you can leave unchecked or untreated for a long time, you wouldn’t want to sit in line while a contractor completes their queued service contracts. Instead, you should hire local pest control companies that can immediately go to your property and gauge the severity or extent of your pest infestation problem.


On the other hand, a treatment warranty is generally where these pest management companies promise to return whenever they fail to eliminate your problem. Of course, they offer some coverage with this warranty. For example, some local pest control companies offer a 1-month treatment warranty, which often comes at a higher price than a service package with a 10-day treatment warranty.


There are other differences between each of the pest management companies near you, such as their latest special promos and exclusive discount offers. However, the things above are enough to help you identify the best local pest control companies that can effectively resolve your specific problems through the right service packages at very affordable prices.