Remove Moisture from Crawl Space

Tips on How to Remove Moisture from Crawl Space

There are many reasons why you should remove moisture from your crawl space. Moisture in your crawl space converts to various issues such as, health and safety issues. Anything that happens in your crawl space seeps through your home and has a huge impact on the quality of the air you breathe. This is the reason why you should pay attention to the condition of your crawl space.

Wet crawl space creates an ideal breeding ground for molds, fungus and other pests. Many of these can easily spread through the other parts of your home, destroying structures, causing health issues and spreading the infestation. These are the reasons why it’s important that you keep your crawl space dry and why you  should address any issue that’s causing build up of moisture in your crawl space.

The best way to remove moisture from crawl space of your home is to find what’s causing the problem and resolve it.  To give you some tips on how you can remove moisture from crawl space, see the details below;

Ways to Remove Moisture from Crawl Space

  • Check for any structural defects within and near your crawl space area. See if there is any leak or puddle formation that may indicate the origin of the water or moisture in your crawl space. Check if your water pipes are properly insulated, since these too can be a contributor. Sometimes resolving this problem should be enough to remove moisture from crawl space.


  • See if all your gutters and entire drainage system are in good working condition. Any irregularity with these two may also affect your crawl space, so make sure that you take time to repair them. If this is the source of the problem, then all you have to do is have it repaired to remove moisture from a crawl space.


  • Using a crawl space dehumidifier can help keep moisture formation due to changing weather. The dehumidifier is a known effective way to keep crawl space dry and protected against molds and other pests.


  • Install crawl space encapsulation. Crawl space encapsulation is one of the damp crawl space solutions that have been around for a while. It means installing vapor barriers on your floor and walls to keep your crawl space dry and free from moisture formation.

These are just some of the options that you can try in order to remove moisture from crawl space and ensure that it stays dry for a long time.