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Fleas and Mosquitoes: Irritant or Danger?

Fleas and mosquitoes: We know that they’re definitely annoying, but are they dangerous. We’re here to uncover the truth on the topic. Let’s get right to it.

Are Fleas Dangerous?

The true dangers of fleas depend entirely on who it is you’re talking about. For example, a flea bite on a human isn’t typically considered a serious problem, and usually just means itchiness. However, excessive itching can lead to infection, and unfortunately, that’s just where the trouble begins for some. Fleas can- very rarely- carry the plague and typhus, and a bite can transmit those diseases to humans. On top of that, fleas can exacerbate respiratory issues in people with respiratory problems, so while flea-to-human contact is rarely dangerous, in some circumstances, it can be. 

That’s all without even mentioning pets, who can get stuck with a lot more issues when afflicted with flea bites. Fleas can cause dermatitis for both cats and dogs, which can cause them to itch and scratch intensely. This can then lead to breakage in the skin, which can ultimately lead to infections. In large quantities, a pack of fleas can even lead your pet to develop anemia. In addition to this, fleas are also the hosts of tapeworms, which they can then transmit to your pets. 

The Verdict: Occasional danger to humans, significant danger to pets

Are Mosquitoes Dangerous?


Annoying, itchy bites, buzzing in your ear, and throwing a wrench in an otherwise pleasant night, there’s no doubt that mosquitoes are very irritating. Truthfully, you’ve probably heard quite a bit about the dangers of mosquitoes, but is it really that bad? Well, of the three most common breeds of mosquito in North Carolina (the Northern House Mosquito, the Asian Tiger Mosquito, and Eastern Saltmarsh Mosquitoes), all three are carriers of one disease or another. Northern House Mosquitoes carry West Nile Virus, Asian Tiger Mosquitoes carry La Crosse encephalitis, and Eastern Saltmarsh Mosquitoes carry eastern equine encephalitis. These are serious diseases, and sometimes even fatal.

Then, of course, are the aforementioned irritating, itchy bites, which cause a skin reaction in the form of a white or red bump on your skin. Things can be much worse if you have a specific reaction to mosquito bites, known as Skeeter Syndrome. This syndrome is typically found in young children, adults not previously exposed to the type of bite, and individuals with immune system disorder, and bite symptoms can get pretty nasty. They include:  

  • Skin swelling and rash
  • Hives
  • Swelling of the lymph nodes 
  • Fever

The Verdict: Definitely dangerous

Getting Rid of Fleas and Mosquitoes

So you have a significant flea and/or mosquito presence on your property. Now what? City Wide Exterminating can help. Our Every Day Home Plus pest control plan includes not just outdoor flea and mosquito treatments but also covers a host of other pests including rodents, spiders, roaches, and more. Need help with dangerous outdoor insects now? Book your appointment today!


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