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Rodent Control

Common House Mice. Norway Rats. Roof Rats. All 3 of these rodents are frequently problems in this part of North Carolina. Identifying the correct rodent species invading your home is the crucial first step for proper rodent control.

Then what? Thorough home inspection for entry points, harboring sites, and any food and water sources. Then one of our Charlotte rodent control professionals utilizes bait placement and/or non-toxic control measures to best suit your needs, and take care of your rodent problem.

How Rodents are Harmful

  • Health Concerns: Mice and rats are known to harbor and transmit diseases such as Murine Typhus, Rat Bite Fever Salmonella and Plague.
  • Structural Damage: Their gnawing can pose a risk to homes, and has even led to wires being chewed to the point of starting fires--by some estimations up to 25% of all fires deemed “undetermined”.
  • Food Contamination: Rodents don’t just get into food; they can also contaminate it. Rodents in your cupboards can cost you a lot of food--and money.

The good news? Rodent control has been credited as one of the top 3 reasons that the average life expectancy has increased throughout the years.

City Wide Exterminating has been the one and only company that I can trust to get the job done and follow up. We have enjoyed getting to know them over the years. They are professional, pleasant and prompt!

Lauren H.

Most friendly & reliable pest control company I’ve dealt with. I’ve never had any problems after they come like I’ve experienced with others. I know we’re safe when we’re outside, which is very important to me!! Thank you for your commitment to your customers!!

Melanie P.

I love this company! I wouldn’t dream of using another one. When I call the office, I always get expert and friendly customer service. When the guys come out, I know I can get honest answers to my questions. A very professional group of people who know their business well! Thanks guys!

Monica G.

I’ve used City Wide for pest control for about 8 years and have always found them to be hardworking, reliable, trustworthy people who put the customer first.

Catherine S.

Made my backyard livable last year! It was like a swamp the year before we started getting mosquito treatments, they were so bad. I would recommend them to anyone!

Keri T.

Prompt and courteous service. Would recommend to anyone who requires pest prevention services. Very helpful in explaining reasons for problems and recommending actions to eliminate future issues.

Judy M.

I’ve been using City Wide for more than a decade and I have never been less than thrilled with the service or the work. Robert and the rest of the City Wide Exterminating family are friendly, knowledgeable and eager to stamp out pests anywhere near my house.

Richard J.

These guys are true professionals. On time. Very good prices and willing to backup their work. I’ve been a customer for a few years and plan on being one from now on. Their quarterly service is fantastic!

Darby D.

We’ve been using City Wide ever since we moved to Charlotte. They are extremely professional, courteous and down home friendly. You just can’t go wrong choosing them for your home pest control.

Neil M.