Harrisburg Pest Control

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Our Harrisburg pest control service company is the only service you need for exterminating your bugs! Both affordable, and professional, we take our pest control to the next level in Harrisburg. Founded in 2000, Citywide was created to bring you pest control at the greatest experience ever.

Our pest control service is safe.

Don’t worry about safety. Thousands trust us every day for safe treatment that protects their family from bugs. We haven’t failed at this and never plan to! Our treatment is botanical and will never harm you, your family, or pets. This very treatment can be found in our very own homes, because we trust our product just as much as our customers do!

Our Harrisburg pest control service is local.

Being local is important to people. We have connections, friends, and customers in this area. We know the environment here and the trending bugs in the different seasons. Knowing this area is important when strategizing for pest control and it helps us nail down the pest issue much quicker.

Our pest control service is guaranteed.

We guarantee our work, period. If you hire us, you will be satisfied, and the issue will be resolved. That means no worries on your part, and that means we get the job done.

Our pest control company is A+ rated.

Being rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, we’re proud to say it doesn’t stop there. From Facebook to Yelp, we receive great ratings across the board. It’s all because we train people who have integrity built inside.

We have staff that love what they do. We have a mission that makes us the best in the Harrisburg area. Our mission is to make everyone that comes our way happy!