Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control Charlotte NC

Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your summer. Let City Wide Exterminating’s Charlotte mosquito exterminators protect your family this summer. We offer barrier treatments to significantly reduce the population of mosquitoes and ticks in your yard. Through our residential mosquito control services, a uniformed Concord NC pest control professional will treat your yard every 21 days. The Charlotte mosquito prevention service is automatic, and we remind you of your scheduled service ahead of time. You don’t even need to be home – we’ll leave a courtesy card informing you that your mosquito treatment has been successfully completed.

*Most mosquito treatments can be done within 20 minutes, and people and pets can safely return to the property 30 minutes after the mosquito treatment is completed.

Have an Upcoming Event?

Summer is the perfect time to host an outdoor party or event. Unfortunately, it’s also the perfect time for mosquitos to roam free, and they are notorious party crashers. City Wide Exterminating offers wedding and special event mosquito treatment & control services to better ensure a more enjoyable atmosphere for you and your guests. Approximately 24-48 hours prior to your event, our mosquito control Charlotte professionals apply a barrier treatment to keep biting insects at bay. There will be no leftover odor or residue, and your guests will be protected night and day!