Pest Control Locust NC

Pest Control in Locust NC – Do it the Natural Way

A great way to find out if spring or summer has arrived in Locust NC, is to step out of your deck and be able to enjoy the lovely weather and gaze at your backyard – You’re more likely to discover plenty of ants roaming around your garden.

As a homeowner, how do you control ants if the population becomes too much? Plenty of homeowners agree that pest control in Locust NC is probably one of the worst problems when you own a house, since ants are known to be quite persistent – Not to mention they can survive almost everywhere. Their main perception that there’s no single strategy for ant control is pretty much correct. Control activities, along with prevention, often clash thanks to the various species of ants, the ants’ current nesting location, as well as their preferred food.

Even though having to care for new ants might seem like an easy task here, if not checked, a handful of ants can grow into dozens of colonies. So it’s always great to remember the following DIY tips in case your home faces an ant infestation. If you have a huge infestation inside your home that seems impossible to get rid of, then it’s high time for you to get a good pest control in Locust NC.

Some Natural Tips on Pest Control in Locust NC

  1. Minimize or remove moisturizer – Usually ants will need plenty of moisture to be able to survive. Fix broken pipes or water leaks around your house, or anywhere on the rooftops. Create downspouts and gutters that can direct rainwater away from your home’s interiors.
  2. Using essential oils is also a good way to remove potential ant infestations before they get big. If you want to use this method, just soak a cotton ball in peppermint or spearmint oil. Then take these cotton balls and place them around your house, more specifically in areas where ants are mostly seen. One more use for these oil-soaked cotton balls is to dab them around your home’s doorways and windows, to prevent any more ants from stepping inside your home.
  3. Another way to block ants’ paths is through vinegar. Vinegar works really well in plenty of situations involving pests. Combine vinegar with water to create a solution, and spray this mixture around the ant trail. The strong smell of the vinegar will surely keep them away – Although the smell can last for quite a while afterwards.
  4. Place debris away from your home. Take out boards or pillars and prevent the soil in your home from collecting moisture. Make sure to conduct an inspection regularly. Take off any tree stumps or remove fallen logs coming from tree limbs. Firewood must also be stored far away from the house as possible, and don’t bring in firewood or keep it in your garage.