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Charlotte NoDa Pest Control

Biological control has got to be one of the plenty of main approaches when it comes to insect pest management. Whenever you try to develop a great pest management strategy, it’s always good to consider all of the right options. A lot of these current Charlotte NoDa pest control methods are grouped into the following categories: Cultural control, host resistance, mechanical control, physical control, chemical control, and biological control.

The Types of Charlotte North Davidson Pest Control Methods

  • Cultural Controls – These deal with changing the standard farm practices to avoid pest invasion, making the whole environment less favorable for them to build a home in. There are many types of controls here: Crop rotation, for instance, replaces a crop that could potentially fall victim to a pest. Sanitation involves keeping the whole area clean from materials or even plants that could become a nest for pests – Like getting rid of weed in ponds or greenhouses, since they can attract house mites, aphids, or whiteflies.
  • Host Resistance – Also known as plant resistance, this type of Charlotte NoDa pest control method is used greatly for decades to lessen the impact of pests in homes and gardens. Certain plants have chemical or physical adaptations that let them destroy, tolerate, or even repel pests. Plant breeders will attempt to utilize these characteristics and even give them improvement to build up crops that are resistant to both pests as well as pesticides. Plenty of crops grown today are actually resistant to at least three species of pests.
  • Physical Controls – These are methods that can help keep pests from reaching their hosts. Barriers can include window screens to prevent nuisance pests away from crops, and plant pests away from greenhouses. Several floating row covers for dozens of horticultural crops, can keep cutworms from getting towards plants, including carrots or tomatoes.
  • Mechanical Controls – This type of Charlotte North Davidson pest control method removes or kills pests in an instant. Mechanical control methods are both highly effective and quick, but can handle smaller pests. These are mostly popular with both homeowners and gardeners. More importantly though, mechanical controls don’t have too much impact on other pests as well as non-target organisms, so they perfectly fit biological methods found in a type of management approach for integrated pests. Shaking plants are sure to dislodge pests, while tillage can expose plenty of soil-based insects to predation from birds or moles.
  • Biological Control – Usage of beneficial organisms to deal with pests. This is perhaps one of the main approaches when it comes to Charlotte NoDa pest control methods. This is a type of biological control that utilizes fungi, bacteria, and even viruses to control pests.
  • Chemical Control – This deals with the usage of chemicals to exterminate pests, or to inhibit their feeding habits.