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Termite control is crucial for homeowners in the Charlotte area. Each year, termites cost homeowners an estimated $5 billion in termite damage. That’s more than floods, fires, and hurricanes combined. Termites typically feed on unseen portions of the home, often unbeknownst to the homeowner until it’s too late.

In our region, subterranean termites are the cause of almost all termite damage in our area. These termites live in the soil and move through shelter tubes up foundation walls and into the structure of your home. Our Charlotte termite treatment professionals use proven non-repellent soil treatments to provide a 24/7 protective barrier around your home.

As with all of our termite control Charlotte NC services, we guarantee a termite-free home after termite treatment. Warranties are renewable annually and transferable to new homeowners. Our qualified Charlotte termite control staff can help you choose the termiticide that best fits your needs, environment, and budget.

Why should you trust our treatments? Not only do we guarantee to protect your home from termites, but we are so confident in our workmanship and the quality of products we use, should these sneaky pests still find a way into your home again, we’ll kick them to the curb and repair any damage they caused with our optional $1,000,000 damage guarantee. Our qualified Concord termite control staff can help you choose the method of treatment that best fits your needs, environment, and budget.

termite control

termite control

Termite Inspection Charlotte NC 

Liquid or Bait? Every home is different. Some are better suited for full conventional liquid treatments and others are great candidates for a baiting system. With City Wide Exterminating, you have access to the two highest quality products on the market: Termidor (liquid) and Sentricon (bait). We are one of less than 10% of pest control companies certified to offer both products. Our Concord termite inspection specialists will be able to assess which treatment will best suit your environment.

Other Concord Termite Control Services We Offer

WDIR services for real estate transactions

Pre-construction termite treatments for builders

Residential and Commercial Termite Pre-Treatments

City Wide offers residential and commercial termite pre-treatments for new construction and additions. Price varies by square footage.

Concord NC Termite Control Baiting Systems

City Wide also offers termite monitoring and baiting systems to protect your home from termites.

Wood Destroying Insect Inspections & Reports (WDIR)

Many banks require a WDIR for home purchases and refinance purposes. City Wide Exterminating has a WDIR Accredited Inspector on staff and provides wood destroying insect inspections and reports for realtors, homeowners, and business owners.